The “Whitley Building”


The “Whitley Building” is the official name of the BYA offices located at 550 NW Summercrest Blvd. Suite #101 Burleson, Texas 76028.  It sits on the south of the Burleson Recreation Center, aka “The Brick”.  If you are looking at The Brick from Summercrest Blvd. it’s entrance is to the right about 500 feet.  Turn into the parking lot of the Bartlett Park Soccer Complex and procede to the far back of the parking lot.  It is the light cream colored structure that looks like a house.  Our address and signs depicting it as the BYA are adhered to the side of it (see pic)


History of the Whitley Building

The BYA was formed in 1976 for the youth of Burleson to play organized baseball and softball by a group of Burleson residents.  From 1976 until 2003 the BYA had to find local businesses such as restaurants and churches to hold player registrations, Board meetings and baseball and softball drafts were held anywhere that could accommodate.  As the town of Burleson grew so did the need to try to have a more stable and secure location for these activities.  The BYA board, led by the President Randy Whitley contacted the City of Burleson and asked them if they could provide a suitable location on a piece of land, the BYA would foot the entire cost of getting a structure built.  The city agreed to parcel a small piece of land in the far back corner of Bartlett Park next to the pond as a location the BYA could use.  In 2002 construction began.  Randy was able to get all of the exterior structure including slab, frame, roof, siding and electrical work donated by members of BYA at no charge!  On December 1, 2004 the exterior of the building was complete and the BYA Board of Directors and the City of Burleson dedicated it to the members of Burleson.  The following year in 2005 Randy Whitley’s term as Board President was coming to an end and he decided that it was time for him to move on after Presiding over the BYA for 12 years.  He stated that the building for the youth of Burleson was his greatest accomplishment because he knew that the city of Burleson needed it badly with the boom of new residents coming in.  As the new President, James Sullivan, took over one of his first orders of business was to honor his predecessor for his years of commitment to the youth of Burleson.  A motion was made and approved unanimously to officially name the structure “The Whitley Building” and that’s why it’s called that.

We would like to thank all the people that stepped up to the plate (pardon the pun) and made this happen.  The then Board of Directors, the City of Burleson, and all the folks that donated their time, the skill and the material to make it happen.  Without them, we would probably still be signing up at the local Dairy Queen or Chicken Express.

We ask that you please appreciate the effort that was put into this building and the hard work, dedication and sweat that it took to accomplish this.  We are truly blessed to have great people in our community.