BYA Refund Policy

BYA will refund 90% of your registration fee prior to being placed or drafted on a team, 50% refunded after being placed or drafted on a team prior to the first game of the season, no refund after the season starts. BYA will not refund any online processing, uniform or late fees.

Volleyball Registration

Registration will cost $75 per child.

Late Registration will cost $100 per child.

Registration starts August 16th and Late signups go from Saturday, August 31st  through Saturday, September 6th. *There will be a mandatory fundraiser this season.

Signups will be held at the Whitley building the following dates:

Saturday, August 16th – 2:30-6:30pm

Saturday, August 23rd – 10am-2pm

Wednesday, August 27th – 6-8pm

Saturday, August 30th 10-2pm

Late Signups:

Wednesday, September 3rd 6-8pm

Saturday, September 6th 10-2pm


All payments must be received by BYA before the players will be placed on a team.

Payments must be received to the BYA PO Box by Friday, September 5th or received at in-person signups on Saturday, September 6th between 10am – 2pm at the Whitley building.

About Volleyball

BYA offers a wide range of volleyball leagues for children and young players, including recreational, competitive and select play. BYA Volleyball is not only the ideal place for fun and exercise, but now also serves to prepare the young player who hopes to take his or her game to the next level.

For more information, please email Wendy Giles at volleyballbya@gmail.com