BYA Refund Policy

BYA will refund 90% of your registration fee prior to being placed or drafted on a team, 50% refunded after being placed or drafted on a team prior to the first game of the season, no refund after the season starts. BYA will not refund any online processing, uniform or late fees.

Volleyball Rules Committee Meetings

Volleyball rules committee meetings are scheduled for January 13, 2015 and January 22, 2015. Both meetings will take place at The Whitley Building from 7:00-8:30PM.

Volleyball Raffle Winners

Angela Farris- $500 Grand Prize Winner

Belinda Ford- $100

Chris Clemens- $100

Jess Pepper- $100

Miranda Utkin- $50

Michael Endsley- $50

Jennifer Westmoreland- $50

Jess Pepper- $50