BYA offers a wide range of volleyball leagues for children and young players, including recreational, competitive and select play. BYA Volleyball is not only the ideal place for fun and exercise but now also serves to prepare the young player who hopes to take his or her game to the next level.

Fall Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the following raffle winners for the Fall sports:

Jeff Velley- $500
LaDonna Suttice- $500

Jennifer Kotch- $100
Marah Miller- $100
Chrisna Martinez- $100
Jeri Lynn Cox- $100

Michelle Holms- $50
Sean Hernandez- $50
Angela Carlson- $50
Jackie Stuart- $50
Juan Flores- $50
Patrick Thayer- $50
Sharon Holybee- $50
Jason Machen – $50

Teresa Copeland- $25
Ryan Steep- $25
Tom O’Kelley- $25
Allison McClellan- $25
Charlie Melton- $25
Hollie Howell- $25
Suzy Rosholt- $25
Braxton Osborne- $25