Contact Information

Vice-President: Billy Hayes – [email protected]

Grapefruit Commissioner: Tracy Pruett – [email protected]


Shetland Commissioner: Christine Stevens – [email protected]

Shetland Co-Commissioner:  Stacey Bruner – [email protected]

Pinto Commissioner: Shane Bradberry – [email protected]

Pinto Co-Commissioner: Matt Fritz – [email protected]

Mustang Commissioner: Jeremiah Pytel – [email protected]

Mustang Co-Commissioner: Julie Cottongame – [email protected]

Mustang Co-Commissioner: Angela Crawford – [email protected]

Bronco Commissioner: Austin Glidewell – [email protected]

Bronco Co-Commissioner: Brooke Kohout –[email protected]

Pony/Colt/Palomino Commissioner: Shannon Farrington – [email protected]

Pony/Colt/Palomino Co-Commissioner:  Cara Colson – [email protected]

Softball Rules Meeting

Softball rules meeting will be held on

Thursday, November 8th at the Whitley building from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Everyone is welcome to attend, we will be discussing the softball rules for the next season.

If you have ever thought a rule shouldn’t be in place, or think something should be added,

then please come to the meeting to share you opinion.

We want to hear the community’s feedback, so please join us November 8th!