BYA Refund Policy

BYA will refund 90% of your registration fee prior to being placed or drafted on a team, 50% refunded after being placed or drafted on a team prior to the first game of the season, no refund after the season starts. BYA will not refund any online processing, uniform or late fees.

BYA Softball is part of the Burleson Youth Association of Burleson, Texas. BYA Softball is active in both spring and fall, for girls from tee-ball through 18-and-under.

BYA Softball plays at the brand new Chisenhall Fields in Burleson (field map). Rain-out information is available by calling 817-447-BALL.

Fall 2015 Ball age chart
-Girls will be placed in leagues according to the age they will be January 1, 2016. Please refer to the following chart to determine which league your child will be in. Girls may “play up” one league, but may not play down.
Grapefruit (3-4 year olds). Must be 3 by July 1 2015- 2011,2012
Shetland (tball)-09,10
Pinto (coach pitch)- 07,08
Mustang (kid Pitch)-05,06
Bronco (kid pitch)- 03,04
Pony -01,02
Palomino- 97,98

Coaches Badges & Badge Night

All adults who will be on the field coaching or in the dugout need to have a badge. Badges from the Spring 2015 season are still good to use. 

Anyone who does not have a badge from Spring 2015 will need to follow these steps.

Log on to (registration tab) to register yourself to coach.  This is similar to registering your child to play (you can click none for your children-they don’t need to register to play again) Make sure that you are registering for FALL 2015.  You will be prompted to enter your social and driver’s license (this part runs your back ground check).  If there is a problem, the VP of baseball or softball will contact you.

Plan on attending ONE of the badge nights.  You will need to bring $10 and have your picture taken.  You will need to wait on your badge to be printed.

Badge Nights will be held at the Chisenhall Softball Concession stand area on the following dates/times:

August 16th 2-4PM, August 27th 6:30-8:00PM and September 1st 6:30-8:00PM


Rainout Information

Rain Out Line:  817-447-2255 (BALL) Option #2 (Do not leave message.  It will not be returned)