Contact Information

BYA Vice President of Football: Sam Balderas – [email protected]

Information/Registration/Website: Kim Balderas – [email protected]

Head Team Mom/Program: Paige Eggleston: [email protected]

Fundraising/BYA Store: Heather Confessore – [email protected]

Fundraising/BYA Store: Kolbie Blanchard – [email protected]

Town Rep: Jason Blanchard – [email protected]

Town Rep: Steve Arroyo – [email protected]

Committee Member: Lee Conner  – [email protected]

Committee Member: Suzanne Worley – [email protected]

Committee Member: Pedro Garcia – [email protected]

Committee Member: Justin Cloud  – [email protected]

Committee Member: Jesse Confessore: [email protected]

Committee Member: Mike Hernandez – [email protected]



Raffle Winners

2017 Season Football/Cheer Raffle Winners are:

$500 – Jason Smith
$100 – Alaina Ludiker
$100 – Desiree Evans
$100 – Martha Aguilar
$100 – Marisol Silva
$100 – Harvey Townzen

BYA congratulates the winners and thanks you for your support of our organization.