BYA Refund Policy

BYA will refund 90% of your registration fee prior to being placed or drafted on a team, 50% refunded after being placed or drafted on a team prior to the first game of the season, no refund after the season starts. BYA will not refund any online processing, uniform or late fees.

Basketball Update 2-27-15 4:18PM

Parents and coaches,

All practices today (friday) the 27th will be canceled.
all games Saturday February 28th are also canceled, due to the weather and unsafe driving conditions.
Games will not be made up as tournaments will be the next 2 weeks.
Please talk with your coach about planning a time to pick up trophies.
Thank you for an amazing basketball season and we look forward to an even better baseball and volleyball season soon to start.
Trisha prellwitz
vp of basketball

Basketball Tournament Information

The schedule and venues have been set for the 2015 tournament.

March 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th

All grades will be hosted in Joshua

March 12th, 13th & 14th

3rd & 4th grade will be hosted by Granbury
5th & 6th will be hosted by Joshua

Please make sure you have copies of report cards and birth certificates in hand when going to the tournaments. In addition, the second tournament is during spring break, so please be positive you will have enough to play before signing up. Please let Trisha know what tournament you will be attending so that she can get you on the list. Email Trisha at

Basketball Raffle Winners

$50- John Bustillos

$50- Matt Darnall

$100- Jennifer Perez

$100 – Tammy Vasquez

$100- Lauri haught

$100- Ricky Torrez

$500- Kyla Moore