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General Email: [email protected]

General Phone: 817-447-BALL (2255)

Rain Out Line: 817-203-8534 (iOS/Android app

Mailing Address: Burleson Youth Association, Inc. • 550 NW Summercrest Blvd. #101 • Burleson, TX 76028

Physical Address (Whitley Building): 550 NW Summercrest Blvd. #101 Burleson, Texas 76028


2016-2017 BYA Board of Directors



President: Kim Balderas – [email protected]

Vice President: Terry Baldwin – [email protected]

Secretary: Heather Confessore – [email protected]

Treasurer: Paul Friedman- [email protected]

Sport Vice Presidents

Baseball: Missy Holbrooks – [email protected]

Softball: Billy Hayes – [email protected]

Football: Sam Balderas – [email protected]

Basketball: Tracy Pruett – [email protected]

Volleyball: Jessica Curs – [email protected]


Director of Public Relations: Shannon Dress – [email protected]

Director of Concessions: Kristin Bomer- [email protected]

Concessions Manager– Donna Stephen- [email protected]

Director of Registration: Amanda Stephens- [email protected]

Director of Special Events: Jennifer Tuggle – [email protected]

Director of Communications: Paul Friedman (Interim) [email protected]

Director of Equipment: Louis Quintanilla – [email protected]  


Sport Committee Members


Baseball Committee

VP of Baseball: Missy Holbrooks – [email protected]

High School Assistant VP: Jeff Cox – [email protected]

Grapefruit – 8U Assistant VP: Cory Pitts – [email protected]

9U – Pony Assistant VP: Will Hinson –  [email protected]

Grapefruit Commissioner: Junita Delgadillo – [email protected]

Grapefruit Commissioner: Patrick Thayer – [email protected]

Shetland Commissioner: Chris Baxter – [email protected]

Shetland Commissioner: Cory Pitts – [email protected]

Pinto Commissioner: Cory Stevenson – [email protected]

Pinto Commissioner: Samantha Contino – [email protected]

Pinto Commissioner: Frank Hall – [email protected]

Mustang Commissioner: Chad Pearce – [email protected]

Mustang Commissioner: Paula Gilbert – [email protected]

Mustang Commissioner: Chad Barnes – [email protected]

Mustang Commissioner: Chad Crump – [email protected]

Bronco Commissioner: Erik Gay – [email protected]  

Bronco Commissioner: Rob Kennedy – [email protected]

Bronco Commissioner: Will Hinson –  [email protected]

Pony Commissioner: Wade Lile – [email protected]

Pony Commissioner: Marshall Middleton – [email protected]

Pony Commissioner: Ashley Davis – [email protected]

High School Commissioner: Jeff Cox – [email protected]

High School Commissioner: Dave Curs – [email protected]

Softball Committee

VP of Softball: Billy Hayes [email protected]

Grapefruit Commissioner: Tracy Pruett – [email protected]

Shetland Commissioner: Christine Stevens – [email protected]

Shetland Co-Commissioner: Stacey Bruner – [email protected]

Pinto Commissioner: Matt Fritz – [email protected]

Mustang Commissioner: Jeremiah Pytel – [email protected]

Mustang Co-Commissioner: Julie Cottongame – [email protected]

Mustang Co-Commissioner: Angela Crawford – [email protected]

Bronco Commissioner: Austin Glidewell – [email protected]

Bronco Co-Commissioner: Brooke Kohout –[email protected]

Pony/Colt/Palomino Commissioner: Shannon Farrington – [email protected]

Pony/Colt/Palomino Co-Commissioner:  Cara Colson – [email protected]


Football Committee

VP of Football: Sam Balderas [email protected]

Information/Registration/Website: Kim Balderas – [email protected]

Special Events: Paige Eggleston: [email protected]

Fundraising/BYA Store: Heather Confessore – [email protected]

Head Team Mom/ Fundraising: Kolbie Blanchard – [email protected]

Town Rep: Jason Blanchard – [email protected]

Town Rep: Steve Arroyo – [email protected]

Committee Member: Lee Conner  – [email protected]

Committee Member: Pedro Garcia – [email protected]

Committee Member: Justin Cloud  – [email protected]

Committee Member: Jesse Confessore: [email protected]

Committee Member: Wendy Kirk- [email protected]

Committee Member: Mike Hernandez – [email protected]

Committee Member: Darrell Wilson- [email protected]

Basketball Committee

VP of Basketball: Tracy Pruitt [email protected]

Boys Commissioner: Will Moore – [email protected]

Boys U7: Carolyn Reed – [email protected]

Boys U8: Kristina Bosquez – [email protected]

Boys U9: Kyla  Moore – [email protected]

Boys U9: Kelly Teal – [email protected]

Boys U11: Junita Delgallido – [email protected]

Boys U12: Steve Contino – [email protected]

Boys/Girls U18: Shannon Dress – [email protected]

Girls Commissioner: Jennifer Perez – [email protected]

Girls U8: Tami Vasquez – [email protected]

Girls U10: Melissa Martyn – [email protected]

Girls U10: Rachel Ferguson

Girls U12: Melissa Harris – [email protected]

Gym schedules: Ashli Logan – [email protected]

Committee Member: Michael Frank

Committee Member: Amy Frank


Cheer/ Drill Team Committee

VP of Cheer: Shannon Rodriguez [email protected]

Secretary: Misty Millikan [email protected]

Team Mom Coordinator: Jessica Epperson [email protected]

Communications: Savannah Conner [email protected]

Committee Member: Tiffany Lambert [email protected]

Committee Member: Melissa Stancliff [email protected]

Committee Member: Denise Chavez [email protected]

Committee Member: Lori Latch [email protected]


Volleyball Committee

VP of Volleyball: Jessica Curs [email protected]

Committee Member: Amanda Lackey [email protected]

Committee Member: Jennifer Keim [email protected]

Committee Member: Laura McAlpin [email protected]

Committee Member: Heather Carlock [email protected]


Fundraising Committee

Director of Fundraising/Special Events: Jennifer Tuggle [email protected]

Committee Member: Crystal Matthews

Committee Member: Paige Scarborough

Committee Member: Amber Singleton

Committee Member: Lynn McWhirter

Committee Member: Jennifer Tuggle

Committee Member: Shannon Dress [email protected]

Committee Member: Carmen Benefeldt

Committee Member: Katie Dodd

Committee Member: Tabitha Allen

Committee Member: Candace Berry


Umpire and Referee Officials

Baseball- Curtis Baker[email protected]

Softball, Basketball, Volleyball- Jerry Brand[email protected]

Football- Mark Cohen[email protected]

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