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General Email: [email protected]

General Phone: 817-447-2255 (BALL)


Rain Out Line: 817-203-8534 (iOS/Android app

Mailing Address: Burleson Youth Association, Inc. • 550 NW Summercrest Blvd. #101 • Burleson, TX 76028

Physical Address (Whitley Building): 550 NW Summercrest Blvd. #101 Burleson, Texas 76028


Meet the 2018-2019 BYA Board of Directors


Administration/ Officers


Name: Kim Balderas

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2011

Spouse: Sam Balderas

Children: Reid & Ryan

Occupation: Human Resources Manager

Hobbies: Volunteering, watching BYA Raiders football, Texas Tech football, the Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I’ve always said in order to make a difference you have to be involved. Impacting and supporting our youth is important for all of our futures. If I can impact just one child’s path in a positive way, then my time spent volunteering for the BYA is worth it. It’s all about the kids for me.


Vice President

Name: Ashli Logan

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: 2011-2014, 2018

Spouse: Stephen Logan

Children: Tyler and Landon

Hometown: Joshua, TX

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Hobbies: Volunteering, coaching, watching youth sports

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I have a passion for volunteering and believe that you should give back to your community. My sons have been involved with BYA since they were young and I decided to get involved in whatever ways I could in order to give back to an organization that has done so much for my children. I am thankful to live in a community with such a fabulous youth organization.



Name: Heather Confessore

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2015

Spouse: Jesse

Children: Cross and Cole

Hometown: San Diego, CA

Occupation: Administrative Assistant

Hobbies: Watching my boys play sports, audio books, and spending time with family and friends.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: My boys have been playing sports with BYA since 2010.  I’ve appreciated all of the coaches that have volunteered their time and energy so the kids can have the opportunity to play.  I don’t have the sports experience to coach, but serving on the board is a way for me to volunteer for my kids and the youth of Burleson.



Name: Paul Friedman

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2002

Children: Kaylin (24) & Davis (21)

Hometown: Born and raised in Fort Worth, moved to Burleson in 2001.

Occupation: Owner PFDC, Inc.  Distribution of Mrs. Baird’s Bakeries/ Bimbo Bakeries baked goods in the Burleson area.

Hobbies: Dad, fitness, movies, golf, sporting events, concerts.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I wanted to help continue to steer the BYA in the right direction as the population grew in the city.  To help it in a positive direction as the premier Association in this part of North Texas.


Sport Vice Presidents

VP of Baseball

Name: Patrick Thayer

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2018

Spouse: Misty Thayer

Children: Ricky, Liam, and Ainsley Thayer

Hometown: Fort Worth, TX

Occupation: Maintenance Technician

Hobbies: Spending time with family, coaching and watching my boys play baseball, and watching football.


VP of Softball

Name: Julie Cottongame

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: New to the board in 2018

Spouse: Charlie Cottongame

Children: Kendall Cottongame

Hometown: Fort Worth Texas

Occupation: Commercial Banker

Hobbies: Coaching my daughters team with BYA and spending time with family and friends.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: To help give back to the organization that is such a big part of our community & my family’s lives. 


VP of Football

Name: Mike Hernandez

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2018

Spouse: Laura Hernandez

Children: Michael Jr. and Matteo Hernandez

Occupation: Store Manager for PPG Paints

Hobbies: I like to go camping and fishing with family and friends. Softball is always fun to do when I have time!

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I joined the board to have more input on the way sports are played and represented through BYA.

I also wanted to join a group of people that are passionate about the way we teach our kids about sports. Finally, I just wanted to make a difference in kids lives, so they can grow up to be great!


VP of Basketball

Name: Kyla Moore

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2017

Children: Kayannah, Trey & Kingston

Hometown: Independence, Missouri

Occupation: Customer Service Rep

Hobbies: Roller skating and my kid’s activities.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: To serve in the community we live and participate in.


VP of Volleyball

Name: Kim Byrd

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2019

Spouse: Rick Byrd

Children: Hayden, Alice & Grace

Hometown: River Oaks, TX

Occupation: Total Rewards

Hobbies: Watching our kids play sports. Watching the Rangers and Astros! Reading

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I feel that volunteering is a great example you can set for your children.  Teaching them the importance of giving back to the community.


VP of Cheer

Name: Shannon Rodriguez

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2017

Spouse: Jacob Rodriguez

Children: Hailey & Kenzie

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Occupation: Property Management

Hobbies: Crafting, photography, theater, sports fan, cheer coach.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: Being on the board was a chance for me to put my stamp on the BYA Raiders cheer program. Cheerleading has always been a part of my life and now that I have daughters that are cheering, I can be a part of something all three of us love.


Director of Marketing & Communication



Time served on Board: 






Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: 


Director of Concessions

Name: Tracy Pruett

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2010

Spouse: Mike Pruett

Children: Bradon, Taylor, Maddie

Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas

Occupation: Teacher

Hobbies: Reading, watching softball

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I enjoy giving back to the community I grew up in. I love meeting new people and making a difference in the lives of youth of Burleson.


Director of Registration

Name: Amanda Stephens

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2009

Spouse: Gary Stephens

Children: Tyler, Robin, Braedon, Ryanne

Hometown: Alexandria, Louisiana

Occupation: Home maker

Hobbies: Embroider, vinyl crafts,  watching my children play sports, spending time with my family.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I joined the board to help build our Association to the be it can be for the youth of our city. I enjoy watching the kids play sports and eventually finding which one they are passionate for.


Director of Compliance



Time served on Board: 






Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: 


Director of Special Events & Fundraising

Name: Amber O’Rourke

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2018

Spouse: Shane O’Rourke

Children: Kellan

Hometown: Joshua, Tx

Occupation: Administrative Assistant 

Hobbies: Watching my son play sports, volunteering, and being with family and friends.

Why I wanted to serve on the BYA Board: I joined the Board as a way to help service and give back to the community we live and participate in. 


Director of Equipment

Name: Wade Lile

Email: [email protected]

Time served on Board: Since 2017

Children: Cash




Email the entire Board of Directors


Sport Committee Members

Baseball Committee

VP of Baseball: Patrick Thayer- [email protected]

4U Commissioner: Angela Woodall– [email protected]

5U Commissioner: Sarah Howery- [email protected]

5U Assistant Commissioner: Samantha Wallace –[email protected]

6u Commissioner: Junita Delgadillo– [email protected]

6u Assistant Commissioner: Aaron Petty –[email protected]

7u Commissioner: Samantha Contino– [email protected]

7u Assistant Commissioner: Cory Stevenson– [email protected]

8u Commissioner: Chad Barnes– c[email protected]

8u Assistant Commissioner

9u Commissioner: Richard Holybee- [email protected]

10u Commissioner: Roger Wurzbach– [email protected]

11u Commissioner: Will Hinson–  [email protected]

12u Commissioner

13U/14U Commissioner: Dustin McCarty- [email protected]

High School Commissioner: Jeff Cox– [email protected]


Softball Committee

VP of Softball: Julie Cottongame- [email protected]

Grapefruit Commissioner: Tracy Pruett [email protected]

6U Shetland Commissioner: Matt Milliron– [email protected]

6U Shetland Co-Commissioner: Stacey Bruner- [email protected]

8U Pinto Commissioner: Ryan Crecy- [email protected]

8U Pinto Co-Commissioner: Jeremiah Pytel- [email protected]

10U Mustang Commissioner:Stephanie Hollins– [email protected]

10U Mustang Co-Commissioner: Angela Crawford- [email protected]

12U Bronco Commissioner: Henry Pena–[email protected]

12U Bronco Co-Commissioner: JP Gonzales– [email protected]

14U-18U Pony/Colt/Palomino Commissioner: Will Gray– [email protected]

14U -18U Pony/Colt/Palomino Co-Commissioner: Cara Colson– [email protected]


Football Committee

VP of Football: Mike Hernandez – [email protected]

Information/Website: Ashli Logan-  [email protected]

Registration  Coordinator: Ashli Logan-  [email protected]

Head Team Mom/ Fundraising: Kolbie Blanchard- [email protected]

Town Rep: Mike Hernandez – [email protected]

Town Rep: Steve Arroyo- [email protected]

Committee Member: Trent Gagnon-  [email protected] 

Committee Member: Chris Brunk- [email protected]

Committee Member: Desiree Evans-  [email protected]

Committee Member: Darrell Wilson- [email protected]

Committee Member: Sean Hernandez – [email protected]

Committee Member: Kyla Moore – [email protected]

Committee Member: Jason Blanchard–[email protected]

Committee Member: Pam Beach – [email protected]


Basketball Committee

VP of Basketball: Kyla Moore- [email protected]

Boys U5/U6: Jacob Walker-  [email protected]

Boys U7: Carolyn Reed- [email protected]

Boys U8:Stephanie Skiles- [email protected]

Boys U9: Toney Carpenter-  [email protected] 

Boys U10: Courtney Branham- [email protected]

Boys U11: Junita Delgallido- [email protected]

Boys U12: Michael Frank- C[email protected]

Girls Commissioner: Jennifer Perez- [email protected]

Girls U7/U8: Clinton Tuggle- [email protected] 

Girls U8: Steven Contino- [email protected]com

Girls U9: Delana Jones-  [email protected]

Girls U10: Melissa Martyn- [email protected]

Girls U11: Rachel Ferguson- [email protected]

Girls U12: Jeovani Zamarripa- [email protected]

Gym Schedules: Ashli Logan- [email protected]

Committee Member: Angela Woodall – [email protected]

Committee Member: Aaron Watson – [email protected]

Committee Member: Amy Shorter- [email protected] 

Cheer Committee

VP of Cheer: Shannon Rodriguez- [email protected]

Secretary: Misty Millikan- [email protected]

Committee Member: Tiffany Lambert- [email protected]

Committee Member: Adrienne Reed-  [email protected]

Committee Member: Lacey Canida Amason- [email protected]


Volleyball Committee

VP of Volleyball: 

Committee Member: Tammy Grijalva – [email protected]

Committee Member: Kim Byrd – [email protected]


Fundraising Committee

Director of Fundraising/Special Events:Amber O’Rourke- [email protected]

Committee Member: Melissa Harris

Committee Member: Candice Oster

Committee Member: Kristina Pierce

Committee Member: Michael Morgan

Committee Member: Kayla McKenzie

Committee Member: Angela Carlson

Committee Member: Andrea Grafa

Committee Member: Kristen Lacy

Committee Member: Paige Scarbrough

Committee Member: Ashley Lugo

Committee Member: Candace Berry

Umpire and Referee Officials

Baseball UIC: Curtis Baker[email protected]

Softball UIC, Basketball, Volleyball: Becky Ramirez- [email protected]

Football- Mark Cohen[email protected]


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