Chisenhall Fields Inclement Weather Procedures

As the spring season is upon us, so are the spring rains that can pop up at any time.  Here is some information you need to know if this happens.

1.  Lightning Detectors are installed at Chisenhall Fields at both baseball and softball concession stands.  They detect a lightning strike within a 7 mile radius.  If a strike is detected a horn will sound and the yellow light will begin blinking.  A 15 minute timer is automatically set.  If another strike is detected within the 15 minute timer, it will automatically reset and the the 15 minutes will start over.  Once a strike is not detected within a 15 minute span, the horn will blow once more signaling the “All Clear” and play may resume.

2.  If the lightning detectors go off during a game at either end of the complex, play for the entire complex must halt immediately and all persons exit the playing field and the dugouts, NO EXCEPTIONS!

3.  Once the all clear horn blows, play will resume from the point it was suspended with all play resuming at time of stoppage.

4.  Just because the detectors blow a horn, it does not mean to vacate the facility.  You may go to one of the coverings in front of the concession stands.  We do not recommend that you go to your car because a vehicle is not a very safe place to be in the event of a major storm.

5.  The “on duty” baseball and/or softball personnel and/or city of Burleson Parks employee will determine when/ if fields are safe and acceptable to resume play.

We ask that everyone remain calm during these situations and let the park personnel do what is needed to ensure everyone remains safe and secure during one of these unplanned events.

Thank you