BYA Volunteer Badge Information

How to obtain a Volunteer Badge

Step 1: Register as a volunteer in the Stack Sports registration system- CLICK HERE

Step 2: Submit Background Check- CLICK HERE

            Once you have passed your background check, your name will appear on the Approved to Volunteer list.

Step 3: Upload your badge photo- CLICK HERE

             Once your photo has been approved, your name will appear on the Approved Photo list.  Any photo uploaded that the individual has on a hat, sunglasses, group shot (meaning more than just                         themselves in the photo), or full body shot will be automatically declined and you will have to re submit your photo.

Sytep 4: Once you have completed all three steps, your head coach will be notified of the date and time for the pick of the badges that the head coach will go and get and then pass out to their team of volunteers.