BYA Rec Baseball to Sanction with USSSA Starting Spring 2018!

Over the past couple of months the BYA Baseball has been in discussion as to what to do in regards to the new PONY rules coming in 2018 as far as the age cutoff change, the new USA bat stamp requirement and the new pitch counts to be specific.
We looked at multiple options moving forward including DIxie Baseball, Texas Teenage Baseball and even creating our own independent affiliation.
The BYA has made the decision to sanction the Recreational (Rec) league with USSSA effective spring 2018.  This division will be called “A” Class.
This decision was bitter sweet for BYA.  We have been a PONY affiliate since 1976 but we felt with all the new rules and a direction change by PONY, the time was right for us to make the change now for the up and coming spring season.
USSSA Drafted “A” League / All-Star Program

USSSA offers a Drafted League/All-Star Program like the traditional league program. The big difference in this program is that USSSA monitors and restricts “tournament” players from filtering into the All-Star program. However, we allow for the “tournament” players to play in the regular league if desired. The All-Star teams formed from the drafted leagues play a post-season schedule among other All-Star teams formed the same way. They do not face the select teams.  Click here to read more.

We anticipate you may have a lot of questions.  We wanted you to have as much time as possible to prepare for the change when managing your team for the up and coming 2018 spring season.
The age cutoff will remain May 1.
All bats used for league play beginning Spring 2018 must have a USSSA stamp on it.
League specific rules will be drawn up this off season in regards to specific rules for the league (ex. # of runs per inning, batting format, etc…)
Feel free to contact us directly if you have any other questions.  We have tried to put all the resources you will need to better understand the change.
Here are some links to help you learn more about USSSA Baseball.
Thank you,
BYA Baseball